"Seven Years apart, to the month!!!!!!" (Seven has been said to be God's Perfect Number.)
   - Written by James Hewitt

This is the prophecy, that Dennis Cramer spoke over me. (January 2001) at Destiny Life Church, Claremore-OK
(In 2001, Destiny Life Church was called "Church at Claremore".)  Glenn and Ami Shaffer, are still the pastors this growing church.
That morning, Dennis prophesied over me, stating that I would become part of a church where the Spirit moves freely.


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Destiny Life Church - Claremore, Oklahoma
Dennis Cramer - Author / Prophet / Teacher

A few years later, I had moved to another city and begin attending a new church. There, I was active with that church and had the men's cell group in my home for about two years. After two years, that church stopped meeting and closed their doors.

A good friend of mine (later become my wife), had heard about that church closing their doors, and that I had just lost a couple of friends whom died. In wanting to help, she encouraged me to try Victory Christian Center. She had attended Victory for about 27 years, and shared that it was a great church to attend.

I needed to find a solid church to attend, so I thought I would try a few services. After attending there for awhile, I found myself asking God..."Is this home?" For when I commit myself to a church....I give 110%. Also, as the saying goes, I had always felt that "Home is where family is."

That morning, as the service begin, Pastor Billy Joe asked the congregation to stand, greet and pray for each other. With no one standing beside me, as I was sitting near the isle, I just stood...closed my eyes...and begin praying....asking God to show me, whether Victory was to be "home" or not. At one point, while I was praying, I felt someone lay their hand on my shoulder. As I opened my eyes, it was Pastor Billy Joe! (He was praying.) I, genuinely thought that was great that a pastor would not just ask the congregation to do something, but that he would participate as well!!

At the end of the service, Pastor Billy Joe asked anyone who felt to make Victory their home church, to please come upon the platform. In the video below, you will hear the words that Pastor Billy Jo Daugherty spoke over me, the morning when I felt lead to join Victory Christian Center, Tulsa-OK. (January 2008) Pastor Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty are the pastors of the church. Please notice what Pastor Billy Joe says, of which confirmed that Victory is "home".

Note: Pastor Billy Joe passed onto his reward in heaven, on November 22, 2009, at the age of 57. My wife, and I, feel honored that Pastor Billy Joe married us on October 18, 2008. Pastor Paul Daugherty (Pastor Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty's son) is now the lead pastor and is doing a great service of carrying on Victory Christian Center's vision.

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