"Get Prayer Back In School"
This is a "Get Prayer Back In School" campaign.- Author Unknown
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When God was pushed out, the devil came in - thus we have shootings.

How was God pushed out?

Read on: We as adults sat by and let one person take prayer and anything to do with God out of our schools. God being recognized in our schools is an after thought.

Our president stood up and quoted Paul as seeing through a glass darkly and asking for prayer, after the shooting in Colorado. What about praying for our children's safety each morning? Are any of the students that asked for God's help during the crises or massacre in Littleton being sued for breach of separating church and state? I don't think so. If one child had stood up and prayed during a regular class session for their safety would they have been sued? Yes, they probably would.

Where have our rights as Christians gone? This means you have no rights as far as the world is concerned. Will we wait until we are tested and have a gun pointed at us and asked the question are there any Christians in here? Would I have the grace to stand like Cassie Bernal did and let a class mate shoot me, a martyr for Christ?

There are no Bibles in the school library; you have to study evolution they say; also humanism is poked down our kids throats. None of these teach our children not to steal, not to kill, to love they neighbor as thyself.

Why are gangs, shootings, becoming more popular? One answer: because we have taken God out of our schools. The Ten Commandments that teach us to love one another and not to kill or steal are not in our classrooms, principal's offices or in the school administration offices.

If I am informed right, the Pledge of Allegiance can't be recited because "one nation, under God" might offend someone. We can' t read Dick and Jane anymore because a student may have same sex parents. What were we doing in our schools and in our society a few years ago, when this kind of thing was unheard of, that we're not doing now?

1. The Ten Commandments were still hanging on school walls.
2. Students were taught the moral absolutes derived from the Ten Commandments.
3. For the most part, parents and teachers were examples. Parents weren't suing schools for disciplining their kids.
4. We didn't teach kids that they were descended from animals, so they had no excuse to act like it. They were not allowed to set their own standards.
5. If a crime was committed, nobody blamed the firearm. They blamed the person using the firearm.
6. Moral upbringing. Belief in God. Since time began we were terrifically made with a void for God to fill. When that vacancy is there, and we don't allow God to fill it, something will fill that vacancy. It will be drugs, alcohol, violence, anger, bitterness, rebellion, witchcraft, sex, everything that is totally opposite of God's word. If you come up with a better answer and solution than prayer and better laws to abide by than God's law, let me know. We need to try and get prayer back in school where it belongs.
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Please pray and ask God what you can do for our children and their future.

Please Contact the President, your Senators, your Governors, and anyone who can make a difference!!!

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"He who believes in Me, as the scripture said, out of his inner most being shall flow rivers of living water." John 7:38 God Bless You...and please pass this on!
Personal Note:

Sometimes we feel that we have given it all….just remember, He did give His all… and only. You haven't given it all until you have….as the saying goes……."Let go, and let God".
Let go and let God take control of your life so that you may have life, and life more abundantly. Let Him take control so He may glorified in your life.  Let Jesus Christ take the controls, for He can do so much more than we.

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