"Remember This Old Tree"

by Linda J. Stevenson
A stately tree stood by the stream
Where sparkling waters flowed;
Her trunk was gnarled and badly scarred,
Her branched deeply bowed.
For many years she'd stayed the storms,
Withstood the windy blasts,
Her roots, sunk deep beneath the soil,
Tenaciously held fast.
At times she swayed so furiously
She thought her boughs would break;
The wind did heave her to and fro,
The ground did firmly shake.
Yet further down her roots did grow,
Her anchor firmly set,
She raised her branches to the sky
Her praises to beget.
For each new storm that came her way
Forced her to take strong hold,
And all the trials and stormy blasts
Caused her to grow fourfold.
For it's through life's tribulations
Our faith takes root and grows;
And when shaken by life's trials,
God's strength He then bestows.
So when the trials of life befall,
Remember this old tree;
And thank God for each storm that comes
Which serves to strengthen thee.