"The Great Mathematician......"
     - Written By James Hewitt, November 17th, 2010

Often, when catastrophe happens in our life that we don't understand, it can get frustrating, tiring and discouraging.

Sometimes, myself included, we may ask God...."Why me...why NOW????" In many of our minds, at this very moment, we may be asking ourselves, as I was, when I was laid off from my job. GOD, I need a job. WHY was I laid off???? WHY NOW?????

In my story, that I'm going to share with you today, I'm trusting that this will give you some encouragement, as well as to maybe the reason why you're going through a certain difficulty at this time, as I've learned for myself.

The Great Mathematician, Isaac Newton may have been declared the "Great Mathematician", but keep one important thing in mind...God created him!!

What I am about to share with you, will be the story of how I believe that God's great plan, in putting Anita and I together...being laid off...and what probably would have happened if it hadn't.

My wife and I, were married by Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty, October 18th, 2008, at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We had been having a great time with our marriage, and enjoying our children. I had chosen to sell, and sold my home in Owasso. She, as well, put hers up on the market for sale, and we had just bought "our" home. It was only 8 weeks later, (July 2009), that I was served notice that my employment with a company of 20 years was being terminated, due to cutbacks.

For approximately 7 years, my wife had been carrying a nonmalignant fibroid tumor, very small in size. It was on June 30th of that year (2009), on the last day of my health insurance coverage, after being laid off, she went for her routine physical. It was then, that she was told that the fibroid tumor had grown in only 12 months grew to nearly the size of a cantaloupe and was going to need surgery to take it out. In the final results of the tests, the surgery was going to be complex, and one of the surgeons needed could not perform his part, until October (Nearly four months later.).

When I checked into what it would cost to continue that insurance, since no other insurance would take her with it being a preexisting condition, they indicated that it would be $2,267 per month! With what funds we had, we didn't have enough to carry it for the 3-4 months, until that surgeon could perform his part of the surgery.

Our son-in-law is an anesthesiologist, and helped us make contact with a surgeon in Muskogee. How many surgeons do you know that will take a new patient, and get them into surgery within two weeks? We explained our situation to Dr. David Powell, (We learned that he is a Christian.), and he worked his schedule to get her into surgery in only two weeks!!

The surgery was scheduled and even though it lasted 6-7 hours, it went great. Later, after being released from the hospital and returning for a two week follow up with the surgeon, it was then that we discovered what had really been going on...inside of her.

In the surgeon's office that day, as he was holding the pathologist report, it was then that we learned everything. The pathology report, highlighted in yellow, stated that a malignant polyp had been removed and had not attached itself to any tissue. Also, Dr. Powell assured us that all was removed and was of the assurance that no follow up chemo treatment, or radiation was going to be needed!!!! Praise God!!

Since that day, a medical professional at the area Tulsa Cancer Treatment Center shared with my wife, after reviewing the information stated...

You didn't have 4 months to wait!!!


In doing the math, if Anita and I had not gotten married...then, she may not have gotten the surgery, when she needed it to catch the polyp that NO ONE knew about, that would begin to grow, and was determined to be malignant!!!!!

In doing the math, since we did get married and if I hadn't gotten laid off, then we would have still had health insurance and her words were... "I would have put off the surgery, and waited."

In doing the math, since I DID get laid off, and my insurance DID run out on June 30th, as well as the fact I ONLY had enough money out of my 401k to pay for ONE month insurance, we needed a surgeon that could perform the surgery that month!!

In doing the math, and God knew it, He provided the surgeon that could perform ALL of the operations into ONE operation BEFORE that ONE month's insurance would run out!!!!

Anita and I agree Genesis 50:20 - What the enemy meant to do harm (with the malignant polyp possibly taking her life), God would turn into good.  (Us getting married. my getting laid off...calculation of the time that the insurance would run out, the timing and lead to the RIGHT surgeon.)


If I had still been working, she would have put the surgery off.

If we had the money to continue the insurance for the three months, she would have put the surgery off.

If she had put it off, for any reason or not gone through the surgery, she probably would have died...exactly like her mother did, about 18 years ago!!!

My wife's own words now are:  "I feel that I've been given my life back!"

With all this said...

...I am thankful that the loss of my job...

...was a part of God's mathematical...calculated plan...

...in saving my wife's life!!!!!!!!!!

Your situation may be different.

You may not understand why you may be going through a certain difficulty.

You, like myself, may not understand why it took so long.


If you don't hear anything else I've said...

..hear this...

Be thankful there is a God who loves you, and WILL provide for you. Put your trust in Him and KNOW that He will provide for you, in His calculated time of which He is mathematically working on, for you!!

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